Ambassador Albert Friggieri presented his letter of credence to Swiss Confederation President Madame Simonetta Sommaruga on 1st September 2020 at the Federal Palace in Bern. 

During a meeting which took place after the presentation of credentials, the topics of migration, the repercussions of COVID-19, as well as Maltese-Swiss bilateral relations were discussed. President Sommaruga recalled her visit to Malta in 2015 and her participation in the Valletta Summit on Migration. Dr. Friggieri spoke about the very serious challenges that Malta has been facing for many years due to migration. 

The Swiss President and the Ambassador agreed that the migration problem can only be tackled at a European level holistically and not ad hoc. The Ambassador informed the Swiss President of the latest developments in Malta regarding the pandemic and about bilateral collaboration in various economic sectors.  The Swiss President was keen to listen to the Ambassador’s ideas for strengthening the excellent bilateral relations between the two countries.